Combining local resources, knowledge and energy to drive effective and community-inspired carbon removal, from the ground up.

Taking legacy carbon out of the air is now a critical part of confronting the climate crisis.

There’s already too much carbon dioxide in the air. To maintain a livable climate, even the most ambitious plans to fully transition us away from fossil fuels will require significant removal of excess atmospheric emissions over the course of this century.

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Local leadership is key to ensuring that it’s done right.

Local is where climate action gets done. Removing carbon from the atmosphere is a crucial area where local governments can take the lead. The 4 Corners Carbon Coalition empowers counties, cities and towns to shape the course of this essential new sector. Together.

How the Coalition Works

Coalition Members

Boulder County, Colorado

Joined: November 2021

Flagstaff, Arizona

Joined: November 2021

Salt Lake City, Utah

Joined: September 2022

Sante Fe, New Mexico

Joined: September 2022