Carbon Removal + Liability Biomass

For the context of this Campaign, “Liability Biomass” refers to non-merchantable forest residues which tend to accumulate and increase the vulnerability of a landscape or community to catastrophic wildfire. Liability Biomass is often cited as one of the primary “bottlenecks” to accomplishing forest restoration at the pace and scale needed to reduce risk and support forest health.

It could also conceivably refer to other sources of biomass (biosolids, organics, yard waste, etc.) that communities and municipalities are struggling to manage and are looking for new solutions and partners.

Carbon Removal + Concrete!

Concrete, the world’s most common building material, has the potential to safely and durably store billions of tons of carbon dioxide removed from the air. For its inaugural campaign, 4 Corners founding partners Boulder County, Flagstaff, Sante Fe, and Salt Lake City are set to catalyze the integration of carbon removal and concrete with innovation grants that will turn ready-to-go breakthroughs into real world projects in the Western United States.